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If you need to take tablets or medicines on a regularly basis, the practitioners may suggest that you be issued with repeat prescriptions and will issue you with a computerised repeat prescription which has a repeat slip printed on the right-hand side of the prescription form.

How to request a repeat prescription

When you require a further supply of your medication you can order in one of the following ways:

Via our online services

Delivery by Hand at Reception. 

Please hand your computerised repeat slip or hand written request into reception, which is open between 8.00am - 6.30pm

Please ensure the slip is clearly marked with a ‘tick’ next to the item required.  Hand written instructions should include your name & address ensuring the items required are correctly spelt.

Postal Requests

Please post your repeat slip to the Surgery allowing at least 5 days (to take postal delays into account) and we will be happy to post them back to you, providing you enclose a stamped address envelope.

Pharmacy Collection

If your regular local Pharmacy runs a collection service here, you may be able to order through them - Please speak to the pharmacist direct if you would like this service. If you are placing the order yourself but would like it collected by them, please inform us each time you order.

EPS (Electronic Prescription Service)

You can arrange for your prescription to be sent electronically to your preferred pharmacy. This means that there is no need for a printed prescription or for the pharmacy to collect it. If you use a regular pharmacy please ask them to register you for this service. All you then need to do is request and collect your medication directly from them (some can also offer a delivery service).

Please note: If you have less than 48 hours supply left of any regular medication, you should contact your usual Pharmacist who should be able to help supply you with any essential medication until your repeat is ready.

Repeat Prescription Q & A

Q. How long does it take before a repeat prescription can be issued?
A. We require 72 hours notice (3 working days) for all repeat prescriptions from 1st September 2020.

Online service requests will be picked up by the Receptionist during the middle of each working day, therefore, for items on your computer repeat slip; you must give at least 2 working days notice before you require your prescription

Q. What if the item required has "expired"?
A. Items on your repeat request slip showing as ‘expired’ (i.e. a practitioner has authorised the item to be repeated for a certain number of times & you have had that number of repeats issued) has to be passed for re-authorisation.  This may be re-authorised or you may be asked to make an appointment to see a practitioner.

Q. Can I phone the surgery number for a repeat prescription?
A. We cannot accept repeat prescription requests via the main surgery telephone number at any time as the telephone lines must be kept as free as possible for patients who are unwell.

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